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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sock Yarn Blanket

Long time since I blogged.. I have been updating on my Ravelry account.

Well I thought this new project would give me a reason to blog some more. Last Thursday I decided to begin the ever popular sock yarn blanket as written about on Shelly Kang's blog.
This first picture shows my progress by Friday.
After weaving in ends and working some more on Sunday night, and then this morning I finished that big square. This next picture shows how the blankie looks as of now.
This project is so addicting. I am having fun picking out the next color. I have also started swapping yarns with others on Ravelry. Plus a friend from Manchester,PA , Joan has asked me to buy some yarn on ebay and split it with her. What fun!

As a last note any sock yarn scraps are appreciated. I only need about 8 yards to make one square that is why I am asking for scraps.


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