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A blog to track my crafting journeys. Right now I am stuck on knitting, especially socks. I also enjoy scrapbooking, cross-stich, beading, and trying anything new.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture of SP10 package

As you can see my SP was fabulous to me. Stuff from knit picks includes needle points in 15 and 17. A size 1 32" circular for magic loop. Essentials sock yarn and some Andean silk and the Moc Croc sock pattern. Also some purple wildefoot sock yarn. Plus some Wool and Mohair in a pretty yellow and a pretty green. Also not pictured are stitch markers with my name on them.
My favorite is something I have been wanting but I did not even tell my SP. A sock blocker keychain. Thank you to my SP and to my hostess Robyn, I have had a wonderful time participating in SP.

SP10 package arrived

My SP10 pckage arrived today! It is so excting getting unknown packages of mail that have yarn in them. I cannot thank my SP enough she has always managed to surprise me. Pictures to come as a cannot locate the camera.

Last SP10 contest . . . what yarns am I dying to try?

The first one is Malabrigio and I have now touched it and felt it because my spoilee said that it was her favorite yarn and so I bought her some. It is so soft and the colorways are wonderful. I must get some for myself. You can check it out online here

The next one is a yarn I have been drooling over at one of my LYS. The yarn is Schafer Anne. The colorways are pretty as well. The price is a little more than I usually spend on my sock yarn. I found some here .

The third one is Socks that Rock Seduction in the Pink Granite Colorway. I love socks that rock but again the seduction is more than I have been paying for socks. Maybe I should invest in it for a shawl or something. You can see it here

My life has been a little crazy lately and I have not been concentrating on one knitting project as of late. Maybe sometime next week I will have some pictures of my current projects. There are a lot of them